Cambodia is a subsistence economy relying almost entirely on agriculture. Cambodia is completely dependent on the production of rice as its staple food, for employment and income. In Cambodia, the majority of the population lives in rural areas (84%) and is dedicated to agricultural activities (82%). It is estimated that 20% of families do not own land and that 25% of owners have only 0.5 hectares. Therefore around 40% of the population can be considered to be “without land”, which makes them the most vulnerable group in terms of economic stability.

The number of jobs arising from agricultural activities has decreased. Factors such as the introduction of machinery for agricultural work, competition with foreign exports and a rapid increase in people seeking work means there has been significant job losses in rural areas. In the last two decades, the international price of rice has steadily decreased. For many agricultural workers, this decrease in prices has been one of the reasons for poverty, and has undermined the food security of their homes, forcing them to emigrate from rural to urban areas. Rice farmers are also exposed to great risks due to the unpredictable weather.


* Pastoral accompaniment as a way of proceeding.
* Education.
* Support to people with disabilities.
* Health.
* Promotion of Cambodian culture.





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