"God has not called me to be successful; he has called me to be faithful" , Mother Teresa of Calcuta

The direction of the diocese's activities has its inspiration from the Gospel of Jesus washing the feet of his friends. Jesus revolution starts from this symbolic gesture, and shows how service is the basis of its mission.

The diocese of Battambang aims to root its work in this vision. We start from the service to the most vulnerable and simple, offering them what they need. This service is done in an attitude of collaboration and accompaniment. We put the emphasis in the way we approach problems, not so much in what we do.

During the years ahead the diocese will continue similar activities. While serving the growth of faith of the Catholic communities, the priorities remain with the children, the youth, the disabled and the vulnerable.

In the education field we plan to develop strategies for teacher training, so that quality of education is strengthened, especially in the schools the diocese has built in the past years. A sign of hope is to see the number of youth who have completed school and have now joined university. In the social action field we plan to increase our cooperation with Caritas Cambodia.

There are still schools, ponds and community centre buildings to be completed or begun in the next months. Health continues to be a major challenge in Cambodia and we expect to strengthen our work in this field, with more professionals joining the teams and a strong health training component around the communities.

Involvement in purchasing and developing land for poor communities and other agricultural activities will continue. Demining of some of these lands is going ahead in heavily mined areas of the diocese.

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