“The Gospel is preached with our lives, with our love, by listening to those in need and offering support to them, through our prayer and sometimes with our words.” This is how Mgr. Figaredo sums up the pastoral accompaniment as a way of proceeding. Pastoral accompaniment colours all the services of the diocese, but these are some specific examples of the pastoral work:

Every community constantly shows hospitality to many visitors from other parts of the diocese, from other communities in Cambodia, and from abroad.

The ‘Ponlok Tmai’ children’s movement is promoted in each of the Catholic communities. It includes both the Catholic children and others from the neighbouring families and villages. The movement promotes cultural and civic values, mutual help, visits to the elderly and other social service activities.

Strengthening the faith of the communities is done in collaboration with others. Many youth activities are organised, such as youth synods, retreats and days of recollection for community leaders and catechumens. Four times a year week-long formation seminars for catechists and community leaders are held.

26 churches, chapels or houses used as churches have been built or repaired during these years, two of them are floating churches in the Tonle Sap lake.

The network of mutual aid, or ‘Sangkaha’ committees in each of the Catholic communities of the diocese is alerted to look for people with special needs in their own or in neighbouring villages. There is no discrimination by way of religion or ethnicity. The ‘Sangkaha’ have been given a lot of attention and support so that through them the communities could respond to the frequent natural disasters that occur within the diocese and to the needs of the vulnerable. We have experienced both serious floods and crop failures in different regions. This has led to the need for rice distribution and assistance to indigent or vulnerable families.


* Education.
* Agriculture and rural development.
* Support to people with disabilities.
* Health.
* Promotion of Cambodian culture.



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