Cambodia in the early 70's had more than 1,000 physicians in a country of eight million inhabitants. After the Pol Pot regime there were 14.

The health situation in Cambodia finds itself in a critical state, as it is the country most affected by AIDS in South East Asia, although this rate has fallen by nearly a third since 1997.

Rates of infant mortality and mortality under five years of age are also the highest in the region.1 in 12 children die before reaching their first birthday and 1 in 8 before the age of five.

One of the main causes of mortality are deseases which are preventable with vaccines such as diarrhea or respiratory infections. Malnutrition suffered by most Cambodian children also contributes to the diseases.

Only 36% of the population has access to safe water and only 16% have adequate sanitary facilities.

Moreover, access to healthcare is very limited due to the financial barriers imposed on a large percentage of the locals. Although Cambodia is a rapidly developing nation, the situation with regard to healthcare is deteriorating at the same rate as the country is growing.

In a country where 50% of the population is under 18 years one of our biggest challenges is to ensure healthy adults.


* Pastoral accompaniment as a way of proceeding.
* Education.
* Agriculture and rural development.
* Support to people with disabilities.
* Promotion of Cambodian culture.


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