Cambodia is rich in culture and traditions. These traditions, which are alive today, express the deep and profound culture of the great Khmer Empire. The empire which spanned the IX and XIV centuries, left a strong heritage. In the years of the war Pol Pot tried to kill this culture, but it prevailed even during the long years of exile. The challenge today is to respectfully reconcile the traditional Cambodian culture with the experiences of modern Cambodians and develop a heritage which is still the pride of all Cambodians.

The Cambodian social structure is participatory in nature. For this reason it is of vital importance to reinforce local institutions so that they respond to the rapid social changes with their language and methodology. These institutions include the village and district chiefs, the committees for development, the pagodas and the elderly community.

Another priority in the ‘nonvisible’ development is to strengthen mutual trust and communication between the traditional community and the new generations. 


* Pastoral accompaniment as a way of proceeding.
* Education.
* Agriculture and rural development.
* Support to people with disabilities.
* Health.



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