We believe in

* one world

The work of the Prefecture transcends religion, race, denomination, wealth, geographical distance, and anything that separates man or woman from his or her kind. Collaborative efforts with Buddhist and Muslim communities are valued.

Support from communities in Spain, Australia, East Anglia, Korea and many other nations make the work possible. Missionaries from numerous congregations as well as many lay volunteers from all over the world are the hands and feet of the Prefecture. Central to who we are is a profound sense of shared journey and shared mission.


One World
The Sacramentality of the wheelchair
Accompanying Those Who Have Crosses to Bear
The Young who Bring Hope Renewed
Celebrating the Everyday
The Presence of God in Humanity
The Power of Culture to bring life
Rice as the Grains that Gather
Caring for the Most Vulnerable
Remembering Those who Made us What We Are
The Water that Cleanses
God's Humility


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