This community, made up of 100 families, is the biggest Catholic community in the province but it is also one of the poorest area.

During the war, this community scattered to Preik Sbau, Kompong Rothe and other communities near by, and, in the past years, Kompong Kor is recovering from its ashes and strengthening its faith and confidence.

The actual church was finished in 1995 and in 2002 had to be repaired after it was damaged by floods, which is a persistent problem in this region.

This are some of the projects witch take place in the community:

A kindergarten and a primary school were built in 2003. In 2005, a secondary school with ten classrooms was also built, to enable the youth to continue their studies without the need to migrate to other areas. These schools have been handed over to the government for their management. On vacation they offer extra classes for those how have difficulties at school.

New land was bought and an agricultural program is enabling many poor families to have work and food. Although the land belongs to the church, people benefit from the harvest as well as from the water that comes from a pond built in 2004. The church bought seven water pumps that help irrigation of rice fields during the dry season.




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