The community of Khnach Romeas is focused primarily on the education of young people. In 2001 a church and a hostel for students was built. The hostel currently house students studying between grades 9 and 11.

The community offers a series of scholarships for study, enabling the students who had not the opportunity to study. The chance to these scholarships covers their studies, food and other basic needs such as uniforms. Some of the students live in the church compound and others at home. These scholarships are also extended to students wishing to study university.

Students who receive scholarships participate in the “Sangkaha program”. This program has been developed for the students so they can give back something to the community focusing on the poor and sick. Many people through this outreach programs have been able to go to hospitals in Battambang city for treatment.

One of the educational projects run by Khnach Romeas is the students library program. This program started in 2006, it consists of three groups of 50 students each aged from eight to eighteen years old and includes different lessons such as writing, reading, discussions in-group, singing, or researching.

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